ai enabled summarizing, synthesizing, sharing, and "diligencing" for large contracts in renewable energy

We empower contract-heavy energy organizations by:

Saving Time: Professionals spend up to 60% of their time navigating complex agreements, especially when managing multiple projects with thousands of interlinked contractual pages.

Reducing Risk: Relying on a handful of experts in a particular subject matter not only centralizes knowledge but also exposes the company to risks upon their departure. Manual extraction and tracking of compliance items further compound the workload and costs.

Moving Swiftly: Move faster than your competition. Respond to bids faster, reduce the cognitive load on overworked employees, stay connected to source material.

AI for the whole organization

Whether it's development, asset management, O&M, legal, regulatory or M&A, our platform is tailored for all.Many of your employees already recognize the transformative potential of generative AI, and it's likely that some are already leveraging such tools on their own. While individual initiatives are commendable, they can sometimes pose risks, especially when data security is paramount.Enter ContractPower.AI.Our platform is designed to bridge this gap, offering the innovative capabilities of generative AI while ensuring the safety and security of an enterprise-level solution. With ContractPower.AI, your team can harness the power of AI without compromising the integrity of your data. Let's empower your workforce with the right tools, under the right safeguards.

scenario:"this accident came at the worst time"

A blade just fell off a nacelle and severed a distribution line, causing a site-wide outage. With tight cash flow and budgets due tomorrow, you're overwhelmed. Who do you contact? What are your obligations? Which parties are affected?No worries. Use ContractPower's Diligence function to answer all of your bespoke questions in a flash. No more wasting time researching contracts when you can just get to the answer by asking a question.

action plan faster

scenario:"what does this clause mean?"

There are 17 defined terms that compose a clause spanning 2 pages. You've read it 4 times and still aren't entirely clear on its meaning. It's not you; lawyers are often paid to make things confusing, right? Generative AI has been trained on trillions of data points and can offer a fresh perspective. Often, that's all you need to catch on.

Harness the insights comparable to those of top legal experts.

additional features

Automated Compliance Tracking: Stay compliant without the manual hassle.Summaries: Get concise overviews of regulations, operating projects, and any agreement.M&A Diligence: Streamline your M&A processes.Seamless Integration: Fits effortlessly into your existing systems.Approval Workflows: Simplify and streamline legal approval research and workflow.Information Sharing: Share and export your data easily.

ContractPower . AI

Prioritize exceptional handling of your contract data