Flexible Pricing Plans

Choose a pricing plan that fits your business needs, designed to scale with your growth and maximize your contract analysis efficiency.

Currently offered:
Partnership Pricing

Tailored to meet the diverse needs of the renewable energy sector, our flexible pricing plans cater to all business sizes. Each tier offers full access to our advanced AI tools, dedicated support, and ongoing updates. Explore our options to find your ideal fit.


For those building their fleet


For more established portfolios


We manage portfolio sizes from 5 - 10,000+, let us know your needs and we will tailor pricing for your

How your pricing is derived

The number of agents you deploy determines the number of questions you use, a primary driver of cost.

Agent Type Deploy Agent Packaged Questions Number of Projects Total Questions
Power Purchase Agreement Yes 30 7 210
Limited Liablity Agreement (LLC) Yes 30 7 210
Financing Agreement Yes 30 7 210
LGIA Yes 20 7 140
Equipment Supply Agreement Yes 20 7 140
0&M Agreement Yes 15 7 105
Land Lease Agreement (s) Yes 15 7 105
Cash Equity Financing Agreement No 30 7 210
Hedge Agreement No 10 7 70
Total Package 160 49 1120
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